Look XV

Disclaimer: I don’t actually garden. Any plant I touch turns brown, so that’s why my bathroom counter is covered in succulents. My flowers never last past 4 days.

Anyways..definitely not the point of this post. My point is really that when you’re stuck in LA and its 80°F in the “winter” months, a transparent coat is the only kind that seems like a feasible option. I’ll be able to live out my winter coat fantasy next week in NY, but until then, my transparent coat will have to do. I got this one from L’école des Femmes, an amazing little boutique in LA that also has a great online store.

I switched the original buttons (black) for these mother of pearl buttons. I found them in a sea of buttons and immediately knew they had to be mine. I also knew that their home was on this coat. That’s all for now. x E

OUTFIT: L’école des Femmes Coat

PHOTOS: Lauren Pierce / Makeup: Zara Kaplan