Look IX

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to host an event¬†with C Magazine at their new pop up in the newly redesigned Westfield Century City Mall. Over croissants and coffee, I was fortunate enough to lead a panel discussion celebrating “Generation Z and Their Platforms of Impact” with five incredibly talented, accomplished Los Angeles creatives: Lilliya Scarlett, fine artist/model; Harrison Glazier, photographer/student; and Sam Akins, LA Ballet Dancer/photographer/social media strategist. These creative forces are all 21 and under but have accomplished so much…Converse campaign at 16. Solo art exhibit at 17.

Let me end by telling you about the space. The new Westfield Mall at Century City is beautiful. The word beautiful, in any form, is not one I would typically use to describe a mall because usually, they overwhelm me. I can almost NEVER find my car. While this is still the case, the mall itself is absolutely worth it. But, C Magazine’s new pop up space is really on another level. Also, you’ve got to go to Eataly. There are few things I’d wait in a long line for, but great pasta is definitely one of them.